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Build Your List With Responsive Leads And Traffic From Solo Ads That Convert Into Sales!

Solo ads have changed my business. I have been buying them for over 4 years now and have email lists around 130k (BTW I also sell them.)  By now I’m sure you know that solos are one of the top ways to get email subscribers onto your own marketing list. It’s funny, most newbies don’t realize this, that the main difference between someone that rakes it in and someone who does not is a fat mailing list built with solo advertising.

Screenshot of just one of my tracking servers. This traffic was all generated with solo ads.

tracking stats for solos

When you first look at this type of traffic you have to determine what kind of list you want to build. You can pay the seller more per click at the outset and have them mail to their buyers list or at the very least purchase top tier traffic from the USA, CA, AU and the UK.  

A buyers email address is worth at least 50 times more than a freebie seeker. And, after all you want your leads to convert into sales, so this is a better way to go. Normally you can buy from targeted buyer’s lists for 0.50 per click and up depending on the volume you purchase. Many times when people purchase solo advertising from cheap sellers you end with an auto-responder with filled with lousy leads that will never buy anything.

I like to use solo ad vendors that have built their lists with product sales, joint venture deals and paid advertising. These are the premium solo ads that work and you should seek them out. I don’t like getting them from providers that have swapped email lists. The main reason for this is that solo buyers and sellers mail for each-others promotional offer and the leads just get passed around, with a lot of duplicity. You'll find a lot of swapping going on at sites like safe-swaps. This is just not my cup of tea.

When you are buying a solo ad you must consider if the vendor selling the solo is just out to make a few quick bucks or are they a real business. Here is why this matters to you. Serious solo ad vendors always have fresh email leads being sent to their sales funnels daily, some of them get 5,000 every day. So in other words they have fresh, responsive email leads and when you find a good solo seller you can buy from them every month at a substantial discount without having to worry about duplicate, stale leads. On the other hand the part timer who is not actively buying solo ads to refresh their email lists will just beat their leads with promotion after promotion. The reality in this situation is the only person that wins is the solo ad provider because the dead leads on his list will never buy anything. You may get opt-ins but you can't spend email addresses.

A good indicator of a professional solo ad provider is in the follow-up. The top sellers will send you a screenshot when your solo is complete showing the statistics. Most will be helpful if you have questions regarding your campaign as well as offering advice on how you can improve your squeeze pages, sales funnel etc. The bad vendors like the ones in the solo ad blackbook normally fulfill the click order (sometimes you have to chase them) but unless you initiate contact you'll never hear from them. And, the really bad providers won't email your offer at all. So pay attention after your solo advertisement has been sent and see how they treat you.

The best solo ads that have converted for me have been purchased from the warrior forum. I like to use this site as I read the reviews for all the vendors and see who is providing traffic that converts.  Igor Kheifets and John Cornetta comes to mind as they have a ton of testimonial reviews and you can clearly see that they know what they are doing. Most of these solo vendors do guarantee the clicks they will provide although you have to be confident that that your sales funnel will perform. It is never guaranteed how many leads you will acquire, so make sure your squeeze page is tested for optimum conversions.

There are other places online (like Reed Florens) where you can also see solo ad reviews and testimonials. Most sellers can provide responsive clicks within 5 days.  If you have been looking to buy a solo for any length of time, you will see the same providers turning up again and again. This is a good sign of quality and trust.

E-zine solo ads are also a good source of quality traffic. This is more of an old school way of finding providers but it does still work. The best way to find ezines is to search for a solo advertising directory where you will find all best lists. The rates will be posted for a one time solo broadcast or inclusion into an email newsletter where you can advertise. When I find a good ezine I take it a step further and look for reviews of the authors past performance and users reviews.

Stay away from safelist solo advertisements, free cheap solo’s and offers that sound too good to be true.  I know if can be tempting to go for one of these deals but they will just scam you and take your money.  Stick with the reputable sellers that will get you responsive leads to build your email list fast. It’s best to re-invest some of your profits back into solo ads so you always have a decent lead flow. Once you pick up some momentum you’ll be surprised how fast your auto responder will grow. When you can send traffic on demand with a powerful responsive list your business will skyrocket.

If you are in any kind of home business like Empower Network, Pure Leverage, Six Figure Mentors, MOBE or MTTB etc., you have must know that most solo sellers will not send to them. Basically, so many people want to mail these offers their email lists just get diluted and do not respond well. A quick way around this is to make a unique squeeze page that does not resemble the stock opt-in pages provided by the network marketing company and just have your offer redirect after the opt in. It's crazy how popular some of these programs are, I get asked at least 5 times per day if I’m offering Empower Network solo ads:)

Tracking your solo’s is also very important. There are a variety of tracking programs for both buying and selling like quality click control by Jayson Benoit. First off you’ll know if the solo you booked is being delivered as promised, the number of clicks etc. But also you’ll see where the clicks are coming from. There should be a good ratio of clicks that come from top level countries. The last thing you want to be doing is buying a solo ad and have clicks come from nations where folks won’t or can’t buy from you. You can’t fly blind with solo tracking, so invest in a good program from the outset.

When searching for the best solo ad providers you will notice that most of them only have email lists in the IM (internet marketing), MMO and Bizopp Niche. These sellers are quite easy to find. If you are in a niche outside of these you can still find lists but you have to look a little deeper. I would still search the warrior forum and other niche specific online directories. You can even post a wanted thread to see who has the leads you are looking for.

Buying a solo ad is no different than any other form of online advertising. It's all about conversions, the bottom line. They have proven to be a high source of leads and instant traffic but you still need to know the numbers of your sales funnel. You must tweak your process with smaller solo ad buys until you can consistently break even. In other words don't purchase a big order for thousands of clicks until you know what you are doing. The real money is in the follow up so at a minimum make sure you are even up front. Test and track everything until you can hit those magic numbers at which time you will be building your email list with solo ads for free.

Having a good auto-responder service is the foundation of any email marketing campaign. Most of the folks that sell solo ads have a few autoresponder accounts. Mainly because they can send more clicks this way and in case if one goes down they will have a backup. It's a good thing to know before you sign up with any email service what their policy is with importing leads, monthly cost for storage (for both active and unsubscribes), and deliverability. Basically you can go two ways, a third party service or self hosted, (I have written more in detail about what to look out for in my free pdf to the right as things have changed lately and new options have popped up). If you ever want to sell solo ads or at least have that in the back of your mind, you should have your email leads with one third party service and one self-hosted. This way you will always have uptime.

When I send solo ads for clients I always send it straight up without using a rotator. I'm not against rotators but when solos are sent this way the client gets the benefit of raw clicks. For example, when I send a solo without a rotated link, when one of my subscribers opens the email they are counted as a click. But 20% of the time that same user goes back and clicks the same link in the email again. Without a rotator that person was already counted as a unique click and their subsequent visit to your squeeze page or website is to your benefit. If a rotator was used when the subscriber goes back and clicks the link for a second or third time instead of going to your site they would be sent to another solo ad that was loaded in the sellers email link rotator. So before you buy a solo make sure to ask if a rotator is being used. The whole point from a sellers perspective is that they can fulfill more solo orders faster when they use a rotator.

The last thing I wanted to mention was solo ad swipe files. Swipes (the ad copy) are what the vendor will send to their email list. They must gain the users attention in the subject line enough to get them to first open the email. Then the swipe copy has to be compelling enough so the potential subscriber opens the email, clicks through and views your squeeze page. Most of the top solo ad sellers know how to write for their lists and can help you with the ad copy. It’s often best left to them anyways as they are the ones that have a relationship with their readers and know what buttons to push.

Here is another tip to get the most targeted clicks for a high converting email campaign. Ask the solo ad provider to add "click here to opt in" after whatever it says in the swipe file. For example, "get your free guide - click here to opt in". As you are only paying for clicks you want to make sure you are getting the best value. You will get a better quality subscriber if they know beforehand that they need to opt-in. In other words the solo ad vendor will likely need to send more clicks to service your order. And that does not matter to you (although they might not like it).

I also have a solo ad rolodex if you want to take a look. It contains the solo sellers I use, the good guys if you will.

Happy mailing!

*Update: If you are buying solo ads make SURE they are from a trusted source. There is so much trashy bot traffic and other tricks going on right now, you need to be careful. As I mentioned before, selling solo's is an easy business to get into and with that comes dishonest sellers. So my advice is to carefully screen each provider and the best places to do that right now is in the solo advertising groups on Facebook and on the warrior forum. It's really easy to spot the honest solo advertising providers there from the testimonials provided.

Solo directories are "ok" but it seems they are not updated very often and it's not unheard of for a seller to send good email clicks at the start of their business and have them deteriorate over time. Remember that cheap solo-ads does not usually equal quality solos. I prefer to pay more for a mailing with top tier clicks only and it always works out better with a good ROI. It's useless to get a solo ad for cheap only to get a bunch of dead email addresses from freebie seekers.

Also, I know this goes against the grain but lately I have been using double opt in for my incoming leads. Done right, it gives you a few other chances within your sales funnel to sell and the main benefit is the email leads you do get will be authentic. Consider trying that on your next solo advertisement and see if it makes a difference for you.

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