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Solo Ad Rolodex and Directory Listing

I have just revised my personal solo ad rolodex for all of you to download below. I have bought solos from hundreds of vendors and I have come up with a list of my 10 top vendors, the guys that email for me, no tricks and a solid ROI each time. It makes all the difference when you can have confidence in the solo ad provider going in.

These days I only use the guys on my top sellers list because they can give me all the clicks I could ever need plus I don't have to waste my time and money trying out new providers "hoping that they work out". As this is a game of ROI and conversions the lower the price you pay for responsive leads the better. The best way to squeeze out the maximum return is to set up your clicks on a monthly basis using a top solo ad seller from my rolodex.

Years of trial and error and thousands of dollars has gone into this list, so be sure to download it here today and start getting some quality leads.

"If" you happen to be searching online for more sources of solo ads then these are the online directories I like the best,  Solo Ads X (, Reed Florens solo advertising directory ( and The Mike From Maine Show Solo Ad-Directory ( These ones seem to be updated the most often and have user submitted testimonials. They also list the quality of emails leads right down to the cost per click as well as the conversion rate per solo. The other ones seems to be outdated and the solo sellers are not as well known. I suspect these sub-par directories are built by marketers who obviously have an agenda.

Finding the right provider from the get go will make or break your campaigns. When you can spend a few hundred dollars and get a positive ROI or at least a break even then you are on your way, just buy more solo advertising and rinse and repeat. On the other hand when you get a cheap solo, even if your opt in rate is high, it can be almost impossible getting freebie types to buy anything. So look for quality, even if it costs more and you can't go wrong.

Another thing I like about the solo ad directories is that they also list all the bad solo providers to stay away from. The guys can be tricky as they often go by many different names. They have been ousted so to speak, so you know who to stay away from. I wish in the future there could be some kind of regulation where at least there can be a standard to go by - but I think that is wishful thinking.

If you decide to purchase a solo ad from other people who are not on my top 10 list then start with 200 clicks. 100 clicks is too small and anything over that (unless you really know your sales funnel numbers) is too much at first. So test small and scale big!

If you happen to stumble upon a good solo ad provider that sends quality clicks or a solo directory that seems complete by all means drop me an email and I'll include it.

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